stocks big data analysis project using google cloud platform

Project Description

The stock market is a very important domain for investors and traders throughout the world. It helps publicly held companies to get stable operations in their field. Also, traders invest money to gain profit by buying at a low price and selling at a high price. Thus, investment experts monitor changes in stocks and make an educated guess to buy if it falls below a certain value. Therefore, there is a need to provide an alternate guide by analyzing previous stocks data. besides, the company’s news can also play an important factor in the movements of stocks. Thus, the user’s opinions are also analyzed to see a relation between stock changes. This forms the basis of this research and tangible research questions are formulated. This will reveal some patterns in stocks movements which can be useful to the organization. In addition, a literature survey of past techniques is contrastingly summarized which assisted in this study. Moreover, each step in the process along with technologies and cloud platform is detailed along the way. The experimental results are presented with the help of visualization techniques and tools like Data Studio and Tableau with their explanation. Lastly, the conclusion and scope for further improvements are presented eloquently.

This project was possible with the help of free credits availed from Google Cloud Platform and Tableau Desktop Tool

Project Details

Module Name: Programming for Data Analytics

Duration: January, 2019 - April, 2019

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