About Me

Short Introduction about Myself

Born and brought in the city of dreams - Mumbai, India., I always have been curious about science, how things work. I am good at Maths and science. That was the primary reason I chose to elect a Science stream after my secondary school. In high school, I had taken I.T as an elective subject which interested me to do my engineering degree in I.T. I thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum during 4 years of course. I really love what computer science has to offer. Still, I'm eager to learn recent enhancements in Computer Science. As an individual, I have expertise in various fields such as Teaching, Mentoring, Professional Software Development and Mathematics. Previously, I used to teach subjects like Mathematics, JAVA, Data structures, and Algorithms for a couple of undergraduate students. Having Total 6+ years of experience in enterprise software development, especially in the banking sector, I have acquired critical problem-solving skills and industry knowledge which can very helpful to any organization and individual.

Technical Biography

Highly technical, passionate, self-motivated and talented software engineer, has worked as web application developer developing enterprise applications with involvement right from the requirement gathering to deployment phase in software development cycle in the agile fashion.

7 years of IT experience in designing and developing applications in JAVA stack.

⇨ Strong problem-solving skill.
⇨ Banking domain experience.
⇨ I have good experience in data structures & algorithms and also have been working on various frameworks in Java.
⇨ Some of the Frameworks that include ZK, Groovy on Grails and Spring.
⇨ I like to play with databases. I have worked on various databases like Oracle Database(10g & 11g) and MySQL.
⇨ I have also worked on Liferay portlet applications with Spring MVC.
⇨ I have also worked on client side frameworks(I like the approach of thick smart client-side development) like Angular JS).
⇨ In free time, I like to listen to a song and read articles on latest technologies.
⇨ Apart from these current work, I would like to work on AI and Data science domain if given a chance.
⇨ I have a great interest in learning new technologies and cool things in web and mobile that can change the perception of web apps and mobile apps into smart and intelligent systems.